Photography is my passion. My role is to add the pictures into your storybook. I know that not everything can be a fairytale but if you can't be a princess or prince for a day, when can you?

I capture all the traditional shots but also the moments that make your day unique. I encourage the fun and the weird and try to put you at ease. I have a bright fun style that reflects my personality. I like to work with natural light as much as possible and promise not to force any heart hand signs unless you really want to do them. I will be there with a tissue when needed or remind you just to breathe and enjoy it. I'll be the sober fairy godmother you never knew you needed.

I am taking bookings for 2022/2023.

East Sussex bride looking out the wedding venue window in her dressing gown with a cup of tea.
East Sussex bride walking down Brighton lanes with her wedding guests behind on the way to the wedding whilst laughing.

What I do for Weddings

Documentary Wedding Photography. Wedding Photojournalism. Reportage. Candid Wedding Photography

So many names for a simple concept...

Essentially, you do your thing - have an amazing day - and I'll capture it.

I won't ask you to pose in awkward love heart hand positions or do tons and tons of group shots one after another. I get all of the essentials that you want and need from your day in a relaxed and fun manner. I will take you aside to have a moment together after the ceremony that allows you to breathe and just be alone before the noise and fun and the rest of the day. I won't make you do anything you aren't comfortable with. Your wedding is about you and what you want, I just am there to capture it.

Everything is unposed, real and authentic. Giving you the best memories of your day. I deliver the pictures in order of event so it follows a story. I try to capture how the day felt as well as how it looked as I feel every couple deserves more.

I've not been shooting weddings for as long as some other photographers, but I have a great eye, am good at blending in and capturing the love and atmosphere of the day. I try not to use added flashes until the party gets going so to remain as unobtrusive as possible.

Why Pick Me?

There are hundreds of photographers out there, so why pick me? I try to find out as much as possible about my couples and the venues I am shooting before the day so I get the most out of it from the moment I arrive. I am very relaxed and have been told I am mildly funny at times, I want you to feel so comfortable with me so that you forget I am even there and don't feel there's a stranger in the room on the biggest day of your life. If you are nervous or hate being in front of the camera, my style is perfect for you, you just focus on having the best day ever and I will do the rest.

East Sussex couple walking linked arms down a forest park area in their wedding attire whilst smiling & holding flowers.
Small grey dog at a wedding wearing a knitted jumper outside the East Sussex wedding venue.
East Sussex wedding couple embracing after getting married in a field area with the sunset behind them.

“Amy was a pleasure to have with us on our special day. She knew the venue and staff which allowed her to capture the best shots. She was familiar with the area and gave us a variety of options for photo spots. Amy is very easy going and made us feel comfortable throughout the process. The edits were clean and easily accessible online for our family. She also sent us a special box with our USB of photos. We would recommend Amy for future photography needs!”

Wedding floral bouquet being held out by a guest with the bride smiling in soft focus behind.
East Sussex couple getting married and sharing vows whilst smiling to each other and holding hands with guests smiling.
East Sussex couple having their first kiss on their wedding day in a Brighton venue with a guest clapping behind them.
East Sussex bride walking down Brighton hughstreet with her wedding guests and floral bouquet towards the wedding venue.
Brighton bride getting ready with her maid of honour in the venue, they are adjusting her dress whilst she looks down.
Pre wedding shot of the bride and her family posing on steps outside the Brighton venue smiling towards the camera.
Brighton wedding couple embracing and smiling to camera along the seafront with the pier in the background.
Brighton wedding couple walking along the seafront after getting married and smiling to each other with the sea behind.
East Sussex bride and bridesmaids in their silk robes walking down the Uckfield venue's steps whilst holding champagne.
East Sussex bridesmaids helping the bride get ready in the Uckfield wedding venue. Bride is laughing whilst looking away
Wedding dress hanging up in the Uckfield wedding venue window showing a lace silhouette.
Father of the bride walking into the bridal suit smiling looking at the bride in the foreground.
Pink haired bride laughing whilst looking over her shoulder in her wedding dress in the bridal suite.
Bride awaiting guests at the bridal suite to get ready together, she is looking out the door smiling in a white gown.
Bride & bridesmaids posing with umbrellas along Brighton seafront before getting married, they are all smiling.
Bridesmaid and bride walking down Brighton lanes dressed in pink and smiling whilst guests follow behind.
Close up of the wedding rings sat on the stand whilst the bride and groom are in soft focus behind holding hands.
Groom wearing a grey suit with a blue tie smiling to camera after getting married in Brighton.
Bridesmaid wearing pink holding a floral bouquet outside the Brighton wedding venue.
Just married couple kissing on Worthing seafront with the pier and sea in the background.
Worthing alternative wedding couple walking down the aisle outside the venue whilst guests cheer and throw confetti.
Worthing wedding couple looking into each others eyes whilst smiling on worthing pier with the seaside sunset behind.
Worthing groom getting ready polishing his shoes in his wedding attire at a worthing wedding venue.
Worthing groom getting ready adjusting his shirt sleeve cufflinks in a worthing wedding venue.
Worthing groom getting ready whilst looking at his reflection in the worthing wedding venue mirror.
French bulldog asleep at the wedding ceremony wearing a floral crown with wedding guests in soft focus behind.
East Sussex wedding couple walking down the isle after getting married with guests cheering and throwing confetti.
East Sussex bride getting ready in a mirror reflection with wedding attire surrounding her.
East Sussex wedding guest getting ready in the reflection of the mirror with wedding attire surrounding them.
Best man adjusting the groom's flower on his suit before getting married in the wedding venue.
Wedding guest child helping himself to the pick and mix laid out under the Mr & Mrs banners at the wedding reception.
Brighton wedding couple dancing on the seafront in front of the old pier after getting married whilst waves crash behind
Brighton wedding couple jumping for joy on the seafront after getting married with the old pier behind them.
East Sussex couple walking down the aisle after getting married with wedding guests cheering and throwing confetti.
East Sussex wedding couple dancing and smiling outside after getting married.
East Sussex wedding couple sat down smiling in a Photo Booth holding bride and groom signs.
East Sussex bride giving a speech at her wedding whilst the groom looks and smiles behind her.
Brighton wedding couple kissing underneath artwork in a shop that says 'Kiss Me Quick' after getting married.
East Sussex bride getting ready with friend adjusting her hair whilst she looks into her reflection in a handheld mirror
Bride's child getting ready with a bridesmaid on the wedding day wearing a white headbow and pink sandals.
Bride and her toddler smiling looking at each other whilst they're getting ready in the bridal suite.
Bride and her child smiling leaning out of the wedding venue door both dressed in white.
Bride hugging a guest tightly and smiling with her hand wrapped round the guest showing the new wedding band.
Close up of the floral bouquet at an East Sussex wedding featuring white roses and small white and lilac flowers.
Groom laughing and crying outside the wedding venue looking at the bride whilst holding a yellow floral bouquet.
Brighton wedding couple standing outside the wedding venue after getting married whilst guests cheer and throw confetti.
A girl is sat in a bridesmaid dress lying down on a chair outside the wedding venue.
A small girl bridesmaid in a blue dress blowing bubbles towards the camera with wedding guests behind her.
Brighton wedding couple sat on the beach in deckchairs whilst pointing and smiling with the old pier behind them.
Brighton bride and groom kissing in front of the bandstand along the seafront after their wedding.
Brighton bride and groom smiling facing each other with the i360 building reflecting the sea and old pier behind them.
Alternative bride and groom signing their wedding certificate with cherry blossoms and pink flowers surrounding them.
Alternative pink haired bride standing on Buxted park balcony in her wedding dress during sunset whilst smiling.