Natasha and Simon wanted a super low key wedding in the city they love with just a handful of their family to witness it and that's exactly what they did!

We then went on a walking tour around the city after the ceremony just the three of us to capture the special day so they have plenty of fun pictures to hang on walls for years to come. They booked my short but sweet package which was perfect for their needs.

Here is a selection of my favourites.

flowers on a white windowsill outside in Brighton
two wedding guests wearing funky outfits outside in Brighton on a sunny day
wedding guests chatting and smiling in wedding attire outside Brighton town hall
young girl wedding guest wearing a dress and bucket hat holding hands with other guests at Brighton Town Hall
wedding guests holding hands and smiling outside Brighton town hall
Natasha and Simon in getting out of a taxi looking cool wearing wedding attire and sunglasses on a sunny day in Brighton
couple in wedding attire and sunglasses smiling outside in Brighton whist people walking by look over at them
close up of sunflower boutonniere on tan colour suit of wedding guest outside in the sun in Brighton
wedding guests stood outside chatting on a sunny day outside Brighton town hall
two female wedding guests, one in a pink floral jumpsuit and the other in a white suit jacket outside Brighton town hall
close up of wedding rings in a black box on a wooden table with gold embroidery at Brighton Town Hall
Natasha and Simon holding hands and smiling walking down the aisle in Brighton town Hall
Natasha is looking at Simon smiling while they are both sat on chairs at Brighton Town Hall
bride and groom looking at each other and smiling at Brighton Town Hall
Natasha and Simon are stood in Brighton Town Hall with beautiful paintings in gold frames on the wall sharing a kiss