James - @Jivinjimdandy


Meet James – a timeless gem in the modelling world, with whom I've had the pleasure of shooting for quite some time now. He's not just your average male model – James is a strikingly handsome gentleman in his 50s, adorned with beautiful tattoos that tell stories of his colourful life.

James is no stranger to the spotlight, having been booked by numerous brands that I collaborate with. His impeccable style and dapper demeanour make him a standout choice for any campaign or project.

Standing tall at 6 ft he effortlessly rocks retro and alternative clothing, exuding an aura of vintage charm and modern cool.

But here's where James truly shines – beyond his modelling career, he's a man of many talents. From teaching various styles of dance to dazzling audiences as a drag queen and spinning tunes as a DJ, and owning his own barbershop and business James does it all with flair and finesse.

Whether he's lighting up the dance floor at events across the UK or jetting off to Vegas to DJ at a vintage extravaganza, James brings his infectious energy and passion for performance wherever he goes.

Working with James is always a pleasure – his professionalism, versatility, and zest for life make every shoot a memorable experience. If you're looking for a model who's not just a pretty face but a true Renaissance man, James is your guy.


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