Tom and Beth first reached out to me before the pandemic about shooting their wedding. They were planning a huge festival wedding in a field with hundreds of friends, live music, food stalls and entertainment. It was set to be HUGE. Then covid 19 came along and ruined all their planning. We kept in touch as their plans changed a few times as the different lockdowns had different restrictions. Then all of a sudden we were allowed into the light again and more than six people were allowed to attend your wedding (HURRAH!) They decided to get married at the Bright Town Hall and then back to Hotel Du Vin for the reception. Beth also had a beautiful room in the hotel to get ready in.

We had such a fun day and did a tour of all of the locations around central Brighton that meant the most to them - where they first met, where they had their first date and the Pavilion. Two out of three had closed down which made it quite funny and enjoyable for all. The guests did a shot in each location to get the part really going!

Beth and Tom are such a wonderful, warm and loving couple it was really a pleasure to capture their wedding and I feel like I made a couple of friends along the way to. Beth looked absolutely stunning in her dress and I loved making her strut on the streets of Brighton like they were her catwalk!