I absolutely love having free rein and being able to be creative and make something a little fun and magical that makes the people being shot feel fantastic and really special. This Feb we wanted to create a Valentines feel shoot but make it solo and a reason to feel wonderful in their own skin. I invited a selection of people to come in and shoot and worked with some amazing fellow creatives in the area to pull off something very red and pink!

I built a little backdrop and bought some mirror balls from B&Q and asked Brandon at Flowers 4 Worthing very nicely if he wanted to get involved and as always he did so we came up with something incredible! We even got given a cake by Gosh Bakery in Worthing too.

I had a different local make up artist each day and I think they did such a great job. I am so thankful to be surrounded by such wonderful local creative energy.

Here's the back story now on the new couple of blogs I will stop waffling on and show you the results!

Zach - Cheaperthangold

Zach was up first and he did his own make up and styling until I got out the Kimono that I was gifted many years ago by he wonderful Konane Wildcraft from the US.