Cathy started her wedding day at Hilton Waterfront Hotel in Brighton with a beautiful sea view. She got ready with her daughter and prepared with some Prosecco to calm their nerves. She had her normal hairdresser come to the room and they did their own make up.

Once everyone was ready to headed next door to Bright Town Hall and the registry office, where Cathy and Pete in front of a small selection of family and life long friends became legally husband and wife.

We decided that it would be really fun to go for a walk and take some shots on the beach and some iconic Brighton scenery. I then left them to have lunch and drove to the field where part two of the wedding took place.

Cathy and Petes guests were already there. They had rented some beautiful yurts and invited people who had helped them or had had a challenging time in the last few years to give them a break and some fun and laughter. The drinks were flowing, the games were fun and the food was endless!

They had my Deluxe Package.