Blossom, blossom everywhere!

I am utterly in love with the blossom trees at the moment and am fortunate enough to have one in the front of my house that is the perfect height to surround my beautiful models in! It is such a joy to be able to shoot with it, even if it only does last for around a week at a time so you have to be quick! I have met up with some new faces to shoot using the tree and loved the way they came out so thought it was a great way to start the blog I always forget to use and start with something fun. All the models came and did this on a TFP basis just for fun over two days. Each shoot was around half an hour so it was a really nice quick and fun experience.

Next year I hope to book some more in for when the blossom is back so if you are interested the first week of May is what we need to aim for.