Childhood friends meet again...

I loved Rob and louise from the second I met them both over a coffee on a windy morning at the Perch in Lancing. We had a lovely chat where they told me their love story. Rob and Louis first met at primary school where they became the best of friends instantly. A few years later, one of them moved away with their family making them have to loose contact. They both thought about each other over the years but never found each other. They both married, had children and later divorced. Louis decided to change her name back to her maiden name on the same day Rob decided to search for her on Facebook. They then found each other again, met up for a drink and years later here we are at their wedding!

The wedding was a little micro affair with just 15 guests all of which their families, children, grandchildren and parents. This had always been the plan covid or not as they wanted to keep it intimate. They got married at the White Swan in Chichester on a very hot and bright day outside in their grounds under the gazebo. Louise made her own silk flowers and cake. They had a three course meal and then weren't allowed a party, but we still had a good time. Louise has a light sensitivity so no flash was used at all. Rob also had a brand new van so naturally we had to take some pictures of his new pride and joy!

Here is a tiny snippet of their fun, emotional and uplifting day.