Step into the enchanting world we crafted at Great Betley Farmhouse in the heart of the Sussex Countryside, where Inclusive Events and I joined forces to orchestrate an unforgettable styled shoot. Picture-perfect moments unfolded against the backdrop of rolling greenery and rustic charm, with every detail meticulously curated to exude joy and authenticity.

Our muse for this picturesque affair? The delightful duo of Karina and Jack, whose radiant presence brought our vision to life. With them as our focal point, we embarked on a journey to capture the essence of a sustainable picnic elopement, where love and nature intertwine in perfect harmony.

From the quaint picnic setup to the intricately designed details, every element was thoughtfully sourced from local small businesses. Each artisanal touch not only added character but also celebrated the vibrant spirit of the community. It was a testament to our commitment to sustainability and supporting local craftsmanship.

As the sun bathed the countryside in its golden glow, Karina and Jack's love story unfolded, weaving through the idyllic landscape with an effortless grace. Their chemistry was palpable, their laughter infectious, as they embraced the intimacy of the moment.

Inclusive Events and I are thrilled to share this glimpse into our world of creativity and collaboration. Join us on this journey as we redefine the art of celebration, one sustainable step at a time.

Transporting our vision into reality, we were graciously supported by Bus and Bugs Vintage Wedding Car services, who provided their iconic VW Bug to lend an authentic touch of whimsy to our shoot. With its vintage charm and timeless allure, the Bug added a touch of nostalgia, giving our models a real "runaway" feel as they embarked on their romantic journey.

Nestled within the sprawling grounds of Great Betley Farmhouse, we found the perfect canvas to paint our dreams upon. Each corner of this idyllic setting whispered tales of romance and enchantment, providing the backdrop for our whimsical affair. From lush meadows to secluded groves, every nook seemed to beckon with promises of magic and adventure.

Together with Bus and Bugs Vintage Wedding Car services and the picturesque surroundings of Great Betley Farmhouse, we embarked on a voyage of creativity and imagination, crafting moments that would linger in the hearts and memories of all who witnessed them.


Photography and edits - @amydaviesphotography

Models @karina.r.mills @_jack_roper

flowers @flowers4worthing @flowerhamlet

Bridal Wear - @great_betley_farmhouse

Car @ busandbugsvintagewedgings

Hats @custom_cowgirl

Hair @harlieghslaughtercreative

MUA @Sheina.mua

Venue @great_betely_farmhouse

Jackets @niamhdesigns

Concept and design @inclusiveeventsuk