I am very lucky in that I get to work with some incredible brands and have known about Innocent Clothing for many years as I also used to own a small boutique and stocked them, so its always a pleasure when brands get in contact to arrange a shoot for their collections. Innocent Clothing has several different brands under its umbrella including Poizen Industries, Innocent and Cupcake Cult to name a few. We shoot the collection over a week and its great fun but a lot of work.

We have to sort each models looks into order and make sure we have everything and are ready as it can be up to around four hours of continuous shooting per model.

We also then do another three looks on each model out on location so that they have content for the front covers and images for their stockists to use on social media. These are a bit more exciting visually as not just on the standard studio white background.

Here is a very small selection of what we shot.