I met Emily and Atem for a coffee and a chat prior to their wedding at the Dome where the reception was taking place as they were both nervous about having their pictures taken on the wedding itself and were scared to have to pose. I reassured them that if you don't want to pose, you don't have to! It's your wedding day and you can do whatever you like!

Emily and Atem met at their local Baptist church where they were both helping their local community with different projects. They both have huge hearts and take their religious commitments seriously. Atem got ready in a local hotel and Emily at her Mum's house not far from the church. Emily didn't feel comfortable in a traditional wedding dress so went with her favourite leopard print and looked beautiful rocking down the aisle. She had dried flowers so she could keep them forever and for wedding favours they did donations in each guests name to various charities they support.

The ceremony was at the Worthing Dome Cinema as Atem is a film maker and editor. We made the most of a very sandy low tide and took some pictures under the pier in the shade. It was a fabulous day full of tradition with a modern twist. Here's a very small selection of their day.

They had my Deluxe Package.