How to find a wedding dress that screams YOU.

When I was looking for a dress myself I was expecting to try one on and get that moment you have in a film where you automatically start flapping your hands as a single tear rolls down your cheek to signify you have just fallen in love with one of the most important dresses that you'll ever wear. For me, that didn't happen as I had tried on about 50 dresses waiting for this moment to happen but instead felt like a toilet roll holder from the 70's. As well, even though when I got married I was a size 10, the samples were not and they had and were probably made to fit only Barbie if she had come to life and finally decided to marry Ken. When you are told to imagine if that nit was there, this bit lifted and that flaps across that response of that would be a different dress didn't go down too well. I did in the end find something I liked, but it wasn't love and although I felt special, I didn't feel fully me. I added accessories and shoes and a veil and it came together nicely but just wasn't showing my personality. I think you should always be unapologetically yourself and on your wedding day you need to be that projected x10. YOU need to be comfortable, not wear the dress that your mum likes or thinks is suitable or wear white as its tradition. If you want a black mini dress , you have a black mini dress.

After my wedding I did a couple of bridal editorials and wanted dresses with a difference to speak to the alternative brides as I have always worked with alternative fashion, I knew we would at least have one thing in common when I was working with them for the day so its a great starting point. Thats when I found Lucy Can't Dance and her beautiful dresses that just blew me away! She sent me a few bits to work with and loved the pictures so we arranged another shoot with a beautiful real life couple who were just getting into modelling together. After these Lucy asked if I could shoot her new collection which of course was a no brainer! YES! Where and when do you want me! I have just shot the second collection for them and the dresses just get better and better every time. You can have any colours, finishes and fit you want as everything is made to order in house. You can go in to their amazing shop, try whatever you like on and twirl till that tiny lone tear appears and you are swept off your feet. This isn't an advert for them, it's just showing my appreciation for a fab group of very talented women who make some incredible designs to make you feel like the star you should on your wedding day.

The great thing about LCD is you can have something subtle or go full colour fun!

All pictures below by me.